Lovebites Live Pictures and Music Videos

Lovebites Live Pictures from 2016 to 2021 from various concerts. With some rare pics from 2016.11.18 at TSUTAYA O-WEST.
Collection of Lovebites Music, Live and Promo Videos from Youtube.

Lovebites – 2016.11.18 – Live Pictures
Girls Band Next Generation – TSUTAYA O-WEST

The Hammer of Wrath – Don’t Bite the Dust – Panic Fuze – Just a liar – Lovebites (Halestorm Cover) – Bravehearted – Inspire
asami(Vocals)midori(Guitar)miho(Bass)haruna(Drums)Sena(Support Guitar)mi-ya(Support Guitar & Keyboards)

Lovebites – 2017.12.14 – Live Pictures
Women’s Power Special – Tsutaya O-West

asami(Vocals)midori(Guitar)miho(Bass)haruna(Drums)miyako(Guitar & Keyboards)

Lovebites – 23.02.2018 – Live Pictures
Tokyo – Duo Music Exchange

The Apocalypse – Burden of Time – Shadowmaker – Scream for Me – Inspire – Liar – The Crusade – The Hammer of Wrath – Don’t Bite the Dust – Edge of the World – Bravehearted
Encore: Overkill (Motörhead cover) – Eagle Fly Free (Helloween cover)
asami(Vocals)midori(Guitar)miho(Bass)haruna(Drums)miyako(Guitar & Keyboards)

Concert Review from Japanese Blog:

The opening SE from the album, “The Awakening”, was played and the show started with “The Apocalypse” instead of “The Hammer Of Wrath” as on the album. The crowd was going wild right from the start! I was going to watch from the back, but the crowd swept me to the front. The guitarist team of midori and mi-ya led the performance, but while midori played the guitar with a lot of facial expression and moved around, mi-ya looked cool and didn’t move much (although she sometimes used a shield), and played silently. They are supported by the leader of the band, bass player miho, whose relaxed playing seems to bring a sense of stability to the band and grooves with haruna.

And vocalist asami… I’d heard stories about her, but she’s amazing! Her voice was full and her high tone voice didn’t fade until the end of the show. And even more than her high tone voice, her attractive low mid-range voice can be heard in the first song “The Apocalypse”. The gestures during the live are full of J-Pop feeling, not completely metal, which makes me smile (laughs). I thought it would be hard to move in heels unless you were Perfume. I thought it would be hard to move in heels unless you were Perfume, but the members moved around a bit, and the performance was not at all dull, and the ensemble and performance were also solid. The most appealing songs are the killer tunes, so you could say that all the songs are highlights, but the one that particularly thrilled me live was “Scream For Me”, which starts with miho’s bass, followed by one or two guitars, and the development is really cool. It’s even cooler live, and the guitar solo towards the end of the song looks great live! And my favourite song “Liar” is catchy, so it’s a nice addition to a series of gory songs.

The band also performed a new song from their forthcoming mini-album “Battle From Damnation”, which will be released in June. The Crusade” (I thought it was a SAXON cover for a moment because of the song title), and the impression was straight power metal. The flow from there to Thrassina’s “Hammer Of Warth” has the power of being hit with a hammer, and is a very typical development of a metal band. The IRON MAIDEN flavour of “Don’t Bite The Dust” further heated up the audience, but the power ballad “Edge Of The World” and the fast-paced “Bravehearted” followed, just like the main album. Asami’s voice, which was full of energy, was wonderful even in the last three songs! Especially “Edge Of The World”, which violently developed from the ballad part to the metal part, was the quintessence to show the diversity of her singing ability.

The encore was a series of two cover songs, the first of which was an unexpected MOTORHEAD cover, “Overkill”! By the way, they were selling T-shirts with a tribute to MOTORHEAD on them, and asami said “We are LOVEBITES! We play Heavy Metal!”, imitating Lemmy’s MC, so I guess it was related to that. I also wonder if this is a hobby of Miho’s. Overkill” sung by a woman was quite fresh. It’s good that the closing of the show is the same as MOTORHEAD’s live performance.
Asami can sing this song with ease, she is a great vocalist after all! I thought it would be interesting to make a cover album after they release three albums. The second cover was Eagle Fly Free (Helloween cover).

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Lovebites – 28th Sep 2018 – Live Pictures
Metal Mania Red Bull Music Festival Tokyo

The Hammer Of Wrath – The Crusade – Don’t Bite The Dust – Above The Black Sea – Shadowmaker – Bravehearted
asami(Vocals)midori(Guitar)miho(Bass)haruna(Drums)miyako(Guitar & Keyboards)

Lovebites official Music Videos

Collection of official Lovebites Promotion and Music Videos from Youtube.

Music Video – Judgement Day (First Lovebites Music Video with Fami)
Music Video (New Version 2022) – Shadowmaker
Promo Video – Fami Welcome – Bravehearted (Snippet)
Music Video – When Destinies Align (4K Promotion Music Video) 2019
Music Video – Don’t bite the dust (First Lovebites Promo from 2017)
Music Video – Golden Destination (With Live Sequences from the 2019 UK Tour)
Music Video – Winds Of Transylvania (VLADLOVE Version)
Live Video – Thunder Vengeance (Live at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo 2020)
Promo Video – Lovebites EP – First Lovebites Youtube Video 17.05.2017
Promotion Video 01.06.2018 – EP Battle against Damnation
Music Video – The Crusade (New 2022 Music Video Version)
Music Video – Glory to the world (2021)
Live Video – Bravehearted (Live in Tokyo 2019)
Trailer Promo Video – Five of a kind (Live 2020)
Trailer Promo Video – Heavy Metal never dies (Live 2021)